Thought Space Disc Golf Discs

$25.00 USD

CALLING ALL DISC GOLFERS! We collabed with Maine based disc company, Thought Space Athletics, and made some crazy fire discs! Featuring an Elevated Bony Design they drew up for us. We have a full sweep of molds from putters all the way up to distance drivers to fill whatever hole you have in your disc bag! Flight Ratings available next to each disc! Some discs come in set colors some we got a sweep of and will send you a random color (if you put a color preference in your order special request we will try to accommodate).

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Weight .5 lbs
Disc Variations

Alter (3/3/0/1) White Nerve Plastic, Praxis (3/3/0/1) Random Nebula Ethereal Plastic, Muse (3/3/0/2) Red Nerve Plastic, Pathfinder (5/5/0/2) White Aura Plastic, Votum (7/5/0/3) Random Ethos Plastic, Omen (9/4/0/4) White Ethereal Plastic, Mantra (9/6/-2/1) White Aura Plastic, Mantra (9/6/-2/1) Red Ethereal Plastic, Animus (11/5/0/2) Random Ethereal Plastic, Synapse (12/5/0/3) Brick Nebula Ethereal Plastic